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We Provide Finest And Top Notched Router System Support Router is a networking device that gives a passage for data packets to travel along networks. Main dties accomplished by router include transmitting packets, receiving incoming packets, converting the data into and sending them to another network interface. It is potentially more important and effective than other networking device like hubs and switches. Owing to its importance, it becomes further more important to install a router properly in network connection so as to get a perfect internet connection and safe working environment.

As router is the gateway for incoming and outgoing data packets, it is more vulnerable to hackers and malicious threats both online and offline. Any kind of functional error in router may lead to internet connectivity issues and security loop holes.

Our services for Securing and maintenance of router are marked with skills and excellence topped with years of experience.

  • Setup, configure and fix all wireless router(Wi-Fi) issues.
  • Configure firewall and diagnosis for all router firewall issues.
  • Troubleshoot wireless/wired connection from router to a computer.
  • Dynamic IP based internet connection setup.
  • Mac address filtering services.
  • Firmware update and remote location router management setup.
Our above mentioned services are further sub-divided in multiple categories. Our module of router support services include:
  • Configuration of router
  • Slow internet connection
  • Dynamic IP based internet connection setup
  • Connecting router to a switch or hub
  • Troubleshooting wireless/wired connection from Router to a computer
  • Firewall configuration
  • Parental Protection for the Router
  • Mac Address filtering
  • Fixing DHCP in router
  • Password Protected Router
  • Remoter location Router management setup (if support by router)
  • Firmware Update of Router
We support All Laptop and PC Brands including
  • Dlink Help & Support
  • TP link Help & Support
  • Bettel Help & Support
  • NetGear Help & Support

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Our technicians will take you through step by step process and guide you in how you can work well with your router devices and keeping it safe from hacker’s eye. Router gives easy access to internet and if you have a wireless router, then, the advantage multiplies up to manifold. Wireless router relieves you of wired mesh and making it simpler for you to stay connected to Internet. We also help you in configuring wireless routers, setting up email configuration, setting up home local area network, opening and closing ports and providing access to multiple applications for online streaming and connectivity. Our team of expert is well equipped with latest technological tools and knowledge base to assist you with all your router issues. We will not only fix the root cause of problem but will also assist you with how to deal with such scenarios if something similar comes up again, however, we are certain that once we have done troubleshooting, we will give you a one stop solution and that the kind of problem will not arise again.

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