Intellectual self-serve solutions – We receive help from personalized self-serve solutions through an improved search experience, powered by machine learning. Solutions will keep improving as you use them and will draw from an ever-increasing source including but not limited to service health dashboard, support articles, and problem-solving experts.
Call back scheduling – Receive Microsoft support directly from Microsoft on your schedule with the skill to request a call from support at a specific time. Add attachments and notes to your support ticket to provide context and call at our Microsoft contact number.
User-defined language and time zone – At present the language and time zone are based on the browser and tenant level settings. Moving forward admins will now be able to decide these preferences at the time of case creation.
User-defined case severity – Define the severity of your issue to quickly receive the suitable level of support. This is only accessible to premier and unified customers.
Updated Service Request view – Visualize where you are at in the life cycle of the service request and reach us in Microsoft contact number.
The new Microsoft support experience has already started rolling out as part of the new Microsoft 365 admin center, with more features available in the coming weeks. To get the latest admin center experience, ensure that you’ve selected into the Preview experience using the toggle in the top right corner of your admin center home page.
If you’re multi-tasking, working on tasks over several days, or if there are multiple admins working on tasks, you can track completion by seeing at a glance which tasks have been completed and which ones still require attention. Get best support from the experts contacting through Microsoft contact number for better solution.
We designed Microsoft accomplished desktop to hasten our customers’ digital alteration. Microsoft managed desktop offers customers a suitable way to secure their PCs, increase efficiency, collaboration, and deliver core business innovation. We do this through the power of Microsoft 365 and capable Windows hardware, which is installed and maintained with our cloud-based reference architecture and facilities.
Microsoft managed desktop is not only speeding up the customer journey to digital transformation. It’s also creating a new landscape of partner opportunities to assist a fast-growing market section of organizations that rate their employees’ business device knowledge, allowing employees to work and cooperate wherever they are in a friction-free method. Together with our associates, we’re serving customers reimagine the way they deliberate, experience and deliver corporate device technology.

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